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First Documented Project!

on February 17, 2012

I have done a few projects here and there that I have completed before I started this blog.  So I won’t cheat and post those here since the whole point of this blog is to motivate MYSELF!  SO…here goes:

“How to Make a Hooter Hider Nursing Cover”

Yay!  So excited!

I breast fed my daughter for an entire year.  When she was first born my husband went to the store and came home with a hooter hider.  He was all excited because he got to buy something with the word hooter in it.  Perv.  Yeah but he meant well and it was funny.  So with his big 5 year old like grin he hands it to me and I say “AWESOME THANKS!”  But, when he handed it to me in my head I was like “eh do I really want this?”  The answer is YES!  The hooter hider is the best thing in the world and I used it so much it practically unraveled.  My husband and I also don’t believe in never leaving the house once you have a baby.  We went to eat all the time, flew all over the country a ton, and did a lot with our daughter and still do.  So the hooter hider for public breast feeding was awesome since I am not into the “screw you it’s my right to flash my nipples and then get pissed when pervs stare or uptights get offended”  honestly not being rude, more power to you.  Nipple exposure is just really not MY thing.   So what all this rambling is trying to say is the hooter hider is highly recommended and awesome.  So I am going to make one!!  It seems so easy and seems so much cheaper.  I think the one in the store is around $30.00.  This tutorial says should only cost $8.00 woo!

I will be using this youtube video for the project.

This I just searched on youtube and liked this video thought it was great instructions so hopefully I will get this done soon!


SEE ya soon (hopefully)



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